Learn and Earn
with My First DAO

Mint the DAOphin to join My First DAO, a 24-week program that provides essential knowledge for people who want to participate in and start DAOs

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Members of My First DAO will get access to:

Weekly workshops
by leading speakers

Learn and Earn rewards

Hands-on experience
operating a DAO

Generative DAOphin 
NFT by Process Grey

Community of
web3 and DAO enthusiasts

Control of DAOphin
NFT project IP*

Funded DAO

Closing party
at Art Basel

* Control of the DAOphin NFT project IP and the funded DAO treasury will happen at the end of the program


May 22nd
DAOphin Mint Opens
May 23rd
Deep Dive: Learn and Earn Rewards
May 24th
Deep Dive: My First DAO Curriculum
May 25th
Deep Dive: Community Hand-Off
May 30th
DAOphin Mint Closes
June 1st
My First DAO Kickoff Event
Closing Art Basel Party
Community Hand-Off


Who is My First DAO for?

Prospective DAO founders who want to learn everything they need to know

DAO members who are looking to level-up as DAO contributors

NFT collectors who are interested in owning a piece of Process Grey art

Crypto curious people who want to learn more about DAOs

Avid web3 community members who want to meet amazing people

When is the last day to get my NFT?

The open edition mint will close on Monday, May 30th @ 5PM ET

If you miss the open edition, you’re able to join MFD by purchasing the DAOphin NFT on the secondary market. Head over to OpenSea

What is the utility of the DAOphin NFT?

Membership to My First DAO

Governance token in My First DAO: 1 NFT = 1 vote in MFD

Redeemable for a generative NFT by Process Grey at the end of the program

What are the benefits of My First DAO?

24 weeks of interactive classes about everything you need to know to participate in and start DAOs

A generative NFT by Process Grey at the end of the program (with increased trait rarity for participating in the weekly sessions!)

DAO take-over of the NFT project IP and funded DAO treasury at the end of the program

Members-only closing party at Art Basel in Miami

What makes My First DAO unique?

My First DAO is unique in that it combines the best of NFT projects, DAOs, and cohort-based learning

Minters of the open edition DAOphin NFT will be granted 1 vote per NFT in MFD and have access to 24 weeks of exclusive educational events

60% of MFD mint proceeds will be dedicated to the DAO treasury for the community

The MFD community will be able to take over the DAO’s treasury and NFT Project’s IP at the program’s conclusion

How will My First DAO be governed?

During the 24 weeks of educational events, the Upstream team will serve as signators on the DAO’s wallet to execute proposals passed by the community. After the program’s conclusion, the NFT Project’s IP and DAO treasury will be passed over to the DAO members to lead the next phase of the DAO’s growth