My First DAO Curriculum

My First DAO Curriculum

Alex Taub
May 23, 2023
5 min read

On Monday, we launched My First DAO. And yesterday, we gave a bit more detail about the Learn and Earn experience that incentivizes participants to show up and get involved. The purpose of My First DAO (MFD) is to provide people who want to start and participate in DAOs with everything they need to know, so we want to share a bit more about the amazing curriculum that’s in store.

To make the workshops as valuable as possible, we’ve turned to the industry experts to share what they think every DAO member and founder should know.  

A sneak peek of our speakers include the likes of Packy McCormick (Advisor at a16z Crypto), Mike Dudas (Founder of LinksDAO), members of the ApeCoin DAO Council, and many more. Speakers will continue to be revealed as the program progresses.

To ensure that MFD members get everything they need out of the program, we’ve reserved sessions where members can vote on any web3 topic they want to learn more about. After the vote, we’ll get industry experts in the space to make a custom session to answer all the questions that MFD members want to know. 

Here’s how the weekly events will work: 

  • One event per week for a total of 24 events over the course of 6 months
  • Sessions will be approximately 1 hour long, concluding with 10 mins of audience Q&A
  • Workshops will be taught by industry experts and me, Alex Taub (CEO of Upstream)
  • 10 mins before the event begins, Ralph Quintero from The Daily Ralpha will share latest web3 news 
  • Post-event, all materials and a private link to the recording will be shared with members through Discord (coming Monday 👀)

Keep an eye out for our final blog post tomorrow, where we’ll share the future of MFD and how members can get involved in taking it to the next stage of growth.

We can’t wait to share more about MFD with you all over the next few days. Follow along for updates on our website and Twitter.

To join MFD, mint the DAOphin NFT here:

With any questions, feel free to reach out to the Upstream team at



CEO of Upstream