Introducing My First DAO - Upstream's NFT Launch

Introducing My First DAO - Upstream's NFT Launch

Alex Taub
May 23, 2023
5 min read

We are excited to introduce My First DAO (MFD), a 24-week Learn and Earn program that provides essential knowledge for people who want to participate in and start DAOs.

To join MFD, you need to mint our open edition DAOphin NFT by Process Grey (known for his work on Illuminati NFT & Goblintown) which will serve as the entry pass to the program. 

At the program’s conclusion, you will burn your NFT for a generative version also drawn by Grey. You can increase your chances of getting a rarer generative NFT by attending and actively participating in the program’s events. 

What’s even more exciting is that at the end of the program, DAOphin NFT holders will completely take over the Project’s IP and the funded DAO treasury with the opportunity to take the Project to the next level. 

We’re excited to combine the benefits of learning DAOs and NFT projects to bring this one-of-a-kind experience to fruition. 

Join the DAO by minting your DAOphin NFT now. The mint is open now until Monday, May 29th at 5pm ET. 

You can mint the NFT here:

Members of MFD will get the following: 

  • Access to 24 weeks of interactive workshops about everything you need to know to participate in and start DAOs
  • A generative NFT by Process Grey at the end of the program (with increased trait rarity for participating in the weekly sessions!) 
  • Funded DAO treasury and DAOphin NFT Project IP at the end of program
  • Members-only closing party at Art Basel in Miami

Duration & Program:

The MFD program will begin on June 1st and conclude in December with the closing party at Art Basel. The program consists of 24 weekly virtual events breaking down complex DAO topics like Tokenomics, Legal, Governance, and more. 

Minting the DAOphin NFT:

We’re excited to introduce the DAOphin NFT which serves as the governance token for MFD, granting one vote per NFT. The dolphin is an homage to the now retired Upstream mascot (IYKYK!) 

The DAOphin NFT is an open edition that will last for 7 days at 0.015ETH (~$25-30 at time of launch). There is a max mint limit of 25 DAOphin tokens per transaction. 

In a unique offering, minters are able to get refunds on their purchase if they change their mind during the duration of the open edition. As such, minters will be unable to list the NFT on exchanges until the open edition is closed. 

If you miss the mint but still want to participate in the curriculum, you’ll be able to grab the DAOphin NFT on secondary markets.

How to Get the Latest Updates: 

Over the next few days, we’ll be sharing more about the incredible speakers, engaging curriculum, and rewards for participation. You can learn more about My First DAO by exploring the website and following us on Twitter at @JoinUpstream.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to be part of this one-of-a-kind DAO learning experience. The mint is open until Monday, May 29th at 5pm ET.

You can mint the NFT here:

With any questions, feel free to reach out to the Upstream team at

Welcome to My First DAO!


Co-founder & CEO of Upstream